About Us

ComputingParts.co.uk specializes in computer peripherals and hardware upgrades.

ComputingParts has large and diverse computer hardware products database, including computer memory, hard drives, solid state drives, processor, power supplies, networking components and various other computer peripherals from all major brands of servers, workstations, desktops, laptops, routers and switches.

Our Values

We value our customers by providing the best prices from our suppliers and manufacturers without compromising the quality of the product. We give our customers the confidence to buy from us, in a way that they are aware of the fact that all products advertised on our website, ComputingParts have been accurately described and categorized. Our products go through extensive testing before being shipped. We value respect for the work and we look forward towards keeping up with the cutting-end technology that can feel accurately to the business dynamics of the industry.

The equipment exhibited at our website based on Intel and AMD processors. These machines are made by world renowned manufacturers such as ASUS, Dell, HP, Apple, IBM, SuperMicro, Intel, EMC and NetApp. We also showcase a range of peripherals, for variety of servers, motherboards, workstations, desktops and laptops.

We support legacy computers for which finding upgrade options is difficult. Generally, adding memory can improve the performance of most equipment. And, whenever possible, upgrading a system’s processor with a faster alternative will improve performance and hence extend its useful life.

Keeping existing machines alive is much more cost-effective than replacing it, considering what the users have already put into their machines far outweighs the cost of the machine. ComputingParts specializes in fulfilling all its customers’ needs.

Cutting Edge Technology

ComputingParts provides high technology solutions all around the UK and Europe. Our highly reliant IT services and delivery in combination with our comprehensive IT solutions has helped us to value an enterprise’s infrastructural changes. We comply with the needs of our customers according to the needs of their organization keeping in mind their fixed budget. We aim at making our client’s business profitable by converging the latest technologies to their fast-growing IT needs.